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Highlights of 2017 SIAL China - 3rd Day
The last day of 2017 SIAL China is nothing but excitement, 3,200 exhibitors from over
70 countries and regions gathering here.
There also be 10 concurrent events to delight the show.
Please bring pre-registration barcode or name card with valid ID for admission
Exhibition scale: 149,500sqm, W1-W5, E1-E7, N5
Opening hours: 9:00-16:00 19th May 2017
SIAL Innovation (Hall E3) La Cuisine (Hall W4)

- To present the most innovative products rewarded in 2015-2016 worldwide SIAL Network.
- To present the main innovations and trends in F&B industry

- A lemon-brand promotion

World Tour
(Corridor to South Lobby)
Seafood Fest' (Hall E6)

- To understand specific characteristics of geographical area to assist exportation.

- Cooking demonstration by members of CAPPMA

Chocolate World (Hall W2) Tea Event (Hall E4)

- Top chef table

- 8 contestants will rival for 6 finalists with personalized infusion and signature beverage.

Retail & Hospitality Forum
(Hall W1)
Wine Innovation Forum
(Hall E4)

- The Color of Milk - Let Culture Be the Engine of Dairy
- How to Sell Tea to Youngsters
- The Role of E-commerce in Traditional Tea Enterprise Transformation

- Wine Consumption Return Reasonable Levels
- Integrating Animation Industry Resources, Grasp the Consumer Psychology
- Wine Closed-loop Supply Chain, Rebuild Channel Credibility

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Comexposium-Sial Exhibition Co., Ltd - International Visitors
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