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Region of Honour

The European Union is the Region of Honour  at this year's SIAL China exhibition in Shanghai. The EU will be present with an EU Pavilion and more than 25 EU Member States pavilions that together will cover more than 6000 sqm.These Pavilions will display a wide variety of EU agricultural food and beverage products, reinforcing the message of safety and quality offered by European products.

The  EU  Pavilion  will  propose  exciting  and  dynamic  activities,  including  product  showcasing, cooking demonstrations, innovative EU-Chinese product pairing demonstrations by famous chefs and information sessions on EU food quality and safety policies.

The presence of the EU as Region of Honour at SIAL China celebrates the deepening trade relations between the EU and China. China was the second largest importer of EU agricultural and processed agricultural products in 2016, receiving 8,7% of all EU agricultural exports. EU imports from China represent 4.5% of EU total agri-food imports (ranked 4) (Source: Agri-food trade statistical Factsheet / 09.2017)

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