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Chocolate World

About Chocolate World

To meet China and Asia markets’ demands for premium chocolate, as well as desire to showcase by international leading chocolate brands, SIAL China specially designed Chocolate World with extraordinary decoration and diversity activities. 

Chocolate World in 2017

Coincides with the twenty anniversary of Hong Kong’s return, this year, Chocolate World will hold the International Kamcha Competition 2017. At that time, the Kamcha will officially kickoff the activities of free distribution million tea.

Besides, on the exhibition, we also prepared the top chefs for showing, they will cook their private foods for visitors, allow you to enjoy the taste of delicious silk.

2017 Chocolate World Schedule

  • SIAL Innovation
  • La Cuisine
  • World Tour
  • Retail & Hospitality Forum
  • China National Specialty Tea Brewers Cup
  • Chocolate World
  • Seafood Fest'
  • Wine Events
  • Guest Country of Honor