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Chocolate World

About Chocolate World (W2)

To meet China and Asia markets’ demands for premium chocolate, as well as desire to showcase by international leading chocolate brands, SIAL China specially designed Chocolate World with extraordinary decoration and diversity activities.

Chocolate World in 2018

The 7th edition Chocolate World was sponsored by JACUDA (HK) LIMITED and consisted of 7 diversified events. What is the most exciting thing was the mascot, Mr.Chocolate, was introduced for the first time!

2018 Chocolate World Schedule

Day 1 - 16th May 2018

Day 2 - 17th May 2018

Day 3 - 18th May 2018


  • SIAL Innovation
  • La Cuisine
  • Retail & Hospitality Forum
  • China National Specialty Tea Brewers Cup
  • Chocolate World
  • Seafood Fest'
  • Wine Events