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THE BEET - April 16

'True' organic food will soon get even more labels

Soon, consumers will start to seeadditional labels on Organic products from the Real Organic Project, which isthe result of a venture between 15 farmers and scientists from around the US.They plan on delivering a pilot program this summer, for between 20 and 60farms. The new label will indicate if a vegetable has been grown in soil orwater, or whether your meat or dairy products are from pasture-fed animals. Aninspection would happen at the farm, where labels would be applied, rather thanduring distribution. The new label seeks to further enhance the options farmershave to certify their products and to reflect the many ways Farmers are growingorganic produce and raising organic meat and dairy. [Full article]

Aussie wine records tumble as exports to China crack $1 billion

A 51-percent yearly growth in wineexports to China has records falling for the Australian wine industry. Thismarks the first time Australia has reached $1 billion in wine sales to a singleCountry. The growth is represented by a 16-percent increase in overall valueand a 10-percent increase in volume. This reflects a growing trend amongChinese consumers who are willing to pay for quality products. China isAustralia's second largest wine export market, however, with the incomingremoval of tariffs into China this might be about to change. [Full article]

The "ruby" chocolate Kit Kat is perfect food marketing—but not much else

On April 16, a new Kit Kat made fromRuby Chocolate, a product from Swiss company Barry Callebaut was released.Marketed as the fourth type of chocolate, Ruby Chocolate has raised manyquestions about what exactly it is, as much of the process remains opaque.According to the original Press Release, it seems that Ruby Chocolate is moreof a marketing endeavor designed to appeal to our emotional connection to food,rather than a new type of chocolate in and of itself. [Full article]

Britain and Australia open new trade talks in bid to boost £7bn links after Brexit withwine imported from Down Under set to get cheaper

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull will bein London next week ahead of the Commonwealth Summit to work on a deal set toboost trade between the two Countries. Both sides hope a deal can be reachedthat would come into effect at the end of the UK's transition from the EU in2020. Specifically, the price of Australian wines in the UK is expected to dropas a result. After meeting with UK Prime Minister Theresa May, PM Turnbull willhost a discussion in Australia later this month. [Full article]

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