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Step into a world of culinary wonder at SIAL Shanghai, the largest food
and beverage exhibition in Asia.
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International cusines and specialities
Over 70+ types of international cuisines and specialties such as France, Italy, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, India, Brazil, Greece, Argentina, Turkey, Mexico, South Africa, Egypt, Canada, Australia, Germany, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Chile, Peru, Colombia, New Zealand, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, United Kingdom, United States, and more will showcase their cuisines and specialties.
Explore Highlight Sectors, featuring everything from imported delicacies to regional specialty foods, including
· Organic products
· Frozen products
· Confectionery, biscuits and pastry
· Grocery products
· Semi-finished food products and
ingredients (packed in bulk)
· Food ingredients (packed in bulk)
· Non-alcoholic beverages
· Confectionery, biscuits and pastry
· Equipments, technologies and contract
· Frozen beef
· Health food and diet products, baby food
· Other biscuits
· Dairy products, eggs
· Fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits
· Chocolate products
· ......
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Join the SIAL Global Food Industry Summit, where industry experts and leaders discuss hot topics and categories shaping the F&B industry worldwide. Participate in insightful forums, including:
· SIAL Talks – manufacteurs
· SIAL Talks – Distributors
· International Meat Forum
· Import Food Forum
· Food Supply Chain Forum
· International Drink in Catering Forum
· Global New Retail Forum
· New Health Food Forum
· Supply Chain Workshop
· Marketing Workshop
Witness the top steak competition featuring premium products from leading producers and traders. Only open to exhibitors, this event sets the standard for excellence
Immerse yourself in the culinary world as Michelin-star chefs compete in a premier cooking competition endorsed by WACS for its highest standards.
Discover the latest trends in the snack industry and witness the crowning of industry leaders.
Engage in the competitive stage for tea industry talents, showcasing innovation and expertise.
Experience the thrill of coffee innovation as baristas compete under pressure to ignite new trends.
Indulge in innovative dishes blending Chinese and Western flavors, offering an immersive dining experience.
Explore innovative food experiences and break traditional market concepts in a leisurely environment.
Delight in fresh seafood showcased through live cooking demos, preserving its original freshness.
Unlock exclusive benefits by pre-registering for SIAL Shanghai before the deadline
· Receive a complimentary admission ticket valued at 30 USD.
· Enjoy free access to the online marketplace for exploring food and beverage products
  before the expo.
· Secure a 1-on-1 consultation or reservation for concurrent forums and activities.
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