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The 6th SIAL Global Food Industry Summit will be held on May 28-30, 2024 at SNIEC. With the theme of “Linking Local and Global Sustainability”, 10 theme forums will be organized, covering hot topics and categories such as new retail, supply chain, meat, beverage, healthy food, food tech, imported food, catering, etc.
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*Please refer to the onsite agenda
5/28AM) SIAL Talks - Manufacturers
09:30 Registration

10:00 How can a Brand Maintain its Original Spirit ?
  Dongsheng YAN
Founder of Peijie Hotpot

  The Key for Regain Growth
  Xiaofei WANG
Founder of MALUJI

  Chagee's Growth Story

  Competitiveness Logic for Fresh Milk Drinks
  You WU
Chairman of Blue Bear Milk

  The Strategy for Brand Rapid Expansion
  Rong XIAO
Chairman of TEASUPER
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5/28AM) SIAL Talks - Distributors
09:30 Registration

10:00 The Story of a Leading Imported Snack Food Company
  Bihua LIU
Chairman of Wuxi DA DE XING Trading Co., Ltd.

  How Brands and Distributors can Better Cooperation

  Opportunities & Challenges in Food Import Trade
  Haibo ZOU
General Manager of Harbin Helieba Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd.

  The Win-win Strategy for Brands and Distributors
Former Business Executive of the Fortune Global 500, Senior
Training Adviser in FMCG
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5/28PM) International Meat Forum
13:30 Registration

14:00 Opening Remark by the Organizer
  Nicolas Trentesaux
CEO SIAL Global Network

  The Evolution of Global Meat Markets
  Justin Sherrard
Global Strategist at Rabobank

  Analysis of Supply and Demand in China's Pork Market
  Zuli WANG
Institute of Agricultural Economics and Development, CAAS, Chief Expert of Pig Industry Monitoring and Early Warning of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, National Pig Industry Technology System Industrial Economic Scientist

  Global Beef 2024 New Updates
  U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF)

  Stability Analysis of the Poultry Meat Supply Chain

  Panel Discussion
Global Meat Trade: Competition, Coexistence, or Co-evolution
Moderator: Steven XU
Chief Representative for China at VanDrie Group
Panelists: China Agricultural Products Group Co., Ltd.
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5/28PM) Import Food Forum
13:30 Registration

14:00 Opening Remark by the Organizer
  Elaine CHIA
Comexposium APAC CEO

  New Opportunities for China's Imported Food Market
  Lu YU
Vice President of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and
Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-Products (CFNA)

  Key Points on the Latest Food Import & Export
Regulations in 2024
  Shanghai Customs

  How Imported Craft Beers Explore New Opportunities
for "Emotional Consumption"
  Wei WANG
General Manager of Beijing NCF Trading Co., Ltd.

  Global F&B Innovation Trend Insights
  Innova Market Insights

  Panel Discussion
Development & Opportunities for Imported Food
Brands in the Global Brand Competition
Moderator: Alban RENAUD
Head of China Practice, ADALTYS Avocats
Panelists: Jo CADILHON
Counsellor for Agricultural Affairs, Embassy in China
Economic and Commercial Counsellor, Consulate
General of the Republic of Portugal in Shanghai
Invest Northern Ireland
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5/29AM) Food Supply Chain Forum
09:30 Registration

10:00 Opening Remark by the Organizer
  Elaine CHIA
Comexposium APAC CEO

  New Opportunities for Chinese Companies under
the Restructuring of Global Industry & Supply Chains
  Meng LIN
Director of Supply Chain Research Institute, Chinese Academy of
International Trade and Economic Cooperation, MOFCOM

  Promote the Development of Industrial Chain through
Technological Innovation
  Jin CAI
Vice President of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing

  Building the Integration of Production & Marketing and
Promote Retail Industry High Quality Development
  Hongsheng LI
President of Dashang International

  Building a Safe and Stable Agricultural Supply Chain
System from a Sustainable Perspective

  The Importance of Building a Differentiated Supply Chain
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5/29AM) International Drink in Catering Forum
09:30 Registration

10:00 Opening Remark by the Organizer
  Anna LI
Managing Director of Comexposium-Sial Exhibition Co., Ltd., CEO of
SIAL in China

  The Blockchain Application in Food Safety & Brand
Director of Supply Chain Division, NSF China

  The Application of Yeast in Healthy Aging
  Jie WANG
Food Application Center Manager of Biospringer

  Pub + Craft Beer - The New Development Trend in
Catering Industry
  Qing LI
Founder and President of UrBrew (China) Brewing Co. Ltd.

  New Alcohol-free Healthy Drinks
Technical Sales Manager/China, Yakima Chief Hops

  Healthy Food Ingredient Innovation for Aging
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5/29PM) Global New Retail Forum
13:30 Registration

14:00 Opening Remark by the Organizer
  Nicolas Trentesaux
CEO SIAL Global Network

  Develop New Productive Forces and New Energy
  Yansheng ZHANG
Economist, Chief Researcher of China Center for International
Economic Exchanges

  How to Lead the Rapid Growth Curve of the Cheese
Snacking Category?
  Gorge BAI
General Manager - Cheese, Bel China

  Promote Brand Upgrading through Innovation
  Qing XU
Vice President of R&D Center, Baixiang Food

  Private Brand: The New Strategy for Retailers to
Enhance Competitiveness
  Shizhe YU
General Manager of Private Brand Department, JD

  Promote Category Innovation with Technological
  Shijing DING
CEO of Joes Future Food

  How to Update Online Channels for the Ice Cream
  Yang LU
Vice General Manager of Baxy

  How New Brands can Develop Advantages in
  Yihao ZHAO
Owner-Principal of Manfenzhi

  Growth Stragies for New Brands
  Harry HE
Partner of Shanghai HD-Partners
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5/29PM) New Health Food Forum
13:30 Registration

14:00 Opening Remark by the Organizer
  Anna LI
Managing Director of Comexposium-Sial Exhibition Co., Ltd., CEO of
SIAL in China

  Develop Food "New Productive Forces" and Promote
High Quality Development of Enterprises
  Yeping XIANG
Division Chief of Food Production, Shanghai Municipal Market
Supervision and Administration Bureau

  Innovative Food Ingredients Applications
  Qixiao ZHAI
Vice Dean and Professor, School of Food Science and Technology,
Jiangnan University

  New Opportunities for the Sugar-free Healthy Food
  Alex ZHANG
Partner & Managing Director of Frost & Sullivan

  Silver Economy Promotes the Development of Healthy
Food Industry
  Xin CHEN
Executive Director of NLVC

  How to Use Biological Enzymes to Increase Production
  Memory SHAO
DSM-Firmenich Insight & Concept Development Manager

  Panel Discussion
Promote the Sustainable Development of the New
Health Food Industry by Biotechnology
Moderator: Xiwen QING,
Director of Biotech & Food,
Plug and Play China
Panelists: José Roberto de Andrade Filho
Deputy Consul-General, Consulate-General of Brazil
in Shanghai
Eva Nixon Wang
Director at Column Capital
Perfetti Van Melle China
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5/30AM) Marketing Workshop
09:30 Registration

10:00 How to Maximize Brand Value
  Wei LIU
Chairman of Tomson Jason

  Discussion, Q&A
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5/30AM) Supply Chain Workshop
09:30 Registration

10:00 The Key for Supply Chain Management
  Liping WANG
Country Manager of EFESO Consulting

  Discussion, Q&A
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