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SIAL Innovation

SIAL innovation, food trend and innovations

The aim is to:

  • Discover the most innovative food products provided by SIAL CHINA exhibitors
  • Analyse consumer trends and new products in the Asian agri-food market

So meet us in the SIAL Innovation area: a unique global food innovation observatory developed in partnership with XTC World Innovation.

SIAL Innovation in 2018

The SIAL Innovation 2018 is now open for registration, please submit online before 6th April, 2018. 

The registration is completely free, you can register as many products as you wish by filling out one application per product. 

Registration criteria 

The competition is organised for 2018 SIAL China's exhibitors only. Individual exhibitors or members within an exhibition group that has signed up with current edition may present one or more products. Each must comply with the following conditions:

  • must be an edibel food product for the food processing industry 
  • must have been created or released to market later than May 2017

Selection standard

The members of the jury is comprised of experts from the food processing industry. They shall:

  • examine the innovative qualities specific to products, even if they are not finalized (test or launch phase);
  • judge as a priority the relevance of whatever new benefit the product offers the consumer and/or the industry (merchandising, packaging, recipe,technology, etc.); 
  • award the top prizes to products that they judge to be most innovative out of all products selected; 
  • they are the sole party authorized to determine whether or not to select products presented for the operation; their decision shall be final.

Award benefits

All awarded products will take advantage of:

  • Showcase on every SIAL network event all over the world : Paris, Canada, ASEAN, Middle East;
  • Exhibition products on the "SIAL Innovation Obervatory", a stronly increased visibility;
  • Chinese and international promotion; mediavocerage before, during and after the exhibition;
  • Winners will be granted full rights to use the SIAL Innovation 2018 logo for free of charge to promote your product. 

SIAL Innovation in 2017

This year the SIAL Innovation located in Hall E3 from 17th - 19th, showcase of the latest food and beverage exhibited in SIAL CHINA will be revealed for its 13th edition with a record-breaking success: 212 selected innovative products from 528 submissions. 10 Finalist products and 3 Awards for Gold / Silver / Bronze Award were announced. 

Click to read the press release for 2017 SIAL Innovation Finalists.

SIAL Innovation 2017 Grand Awards

Gold Award: SAPMER from Mauritius for its Sashimi Tuna Filet

Silver AwardSAN REMO from Australia for its San Remo Pulse Pasta Spaghetti

Bronze AwardSILK from China for its Silk Original Skinned Walnut

SIAL Innovation Finalists 2017

SIAL Innovation Platform

Thanks to the unified platform, all SIAL exhibitors can register their products on the platform. We will annouce the time to log in your Exhibitor Online Area to get the access to your SIAL Innovation Platform soon.

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