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SIAL Innovation

SIAL innovation, food trend and innovations (E3)

The aim is to:

  • Discover the most innovative food products provided by SIAL CHINA exhibitors
  • Analyse consumer trends and new products in the Asian agri-food market

So meet us in the SIAL Innovation area: a unique global food innovation observatory developed in partnership with XTC World Innovation.

SIAL Innovation 2018

This year the SIAL Innovation located in Hall E3 to showcase the top 10 latest food and beverage exhibits which were drawn from 164 selected innovative products. The 10 Finalist products and 3 Awards for Gold / Silver / Bronze Award were announced. 

SIAL Innovation 2018 Grand Awards

SIAL Innovation Finalists 2018

Award benefits

All awarded products will take advantage of:

  • Showcase on every SIAL network event all over the world : Paris, Canada, ASEAN, Middle East;
  • Exhibition products on the "SIAL Innovation Obervatory", a stronly increased visibility;
  • Chinese and international promotion; mediavocerage before, during and after the exhibition;
  • Winners will be granted full rights to use the SIAL Innovation 2018 logo for free of charge to promote your product. 
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