Import Food Summit
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Import Food Summit

Import Food Summit

According to the latest customs data, meat and meat products, aquatic products, and dairy products are the top three categories of food imports in 2021, of which meat and meat products imports have grown rapidly. As the COVID-19 has stepped into a new normalization stage, some countries have tried to gradually lift the lockdown. More and more international freight terminals have undergone restructuring and are expected to be reopened.

Will the international trade pattern disrupted by the COVID-19 be completely recovered due to the lifting of the lockdown? What are the new changes we can expect in the Chinese market, where the imported food retail market exceeds RMB 1 trillion?

2022 Schedule

December 8th,2022      Shanghai New International Expo Center
Time Topic Speaker
12:30-13:30 Attendance  
13:30-13:35 Opening by the Host  
13:35-13:40 Opening Remark by the Organizer  
13:40-14:00 Update on Customs and Logistics Requirements for Imported F&B Products  
14:00-14:20 Brazil's Meat Products Import Experience Sharing Keynote Speech
14:20-14:40 Snack Food Import Trends Keynote Speech
14:40-15:00 Opportunities for Exporting Finnish Agricultural Products to China Keynote Speech
15:00-15:20 Items to Avoid in the Operation of Imported Food Keynote Speech
15:20-15:40 The New Trend of Online Sales of Imported Food Keynote Speech
15:40-16:00 Case Study of Dutch Food Export to China Keynote Speech
16:00-16:40 How Food Enterprises Seize the New Opportunities from RCEP Effectiveness Panel Discussion


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