Events & Competitions

  • SIAL Innovation is a unique competition that encourages and promotes innovation in the food and packaging industry.
  • LA Cuisine discover the creative gastronomic inspiration of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), with original culinary demonstrations and competitions.
  • Well-known healthy gourmets will be invited to select high-quality food to cook 21 healthy dishes on site. Nutritionists and healthy food experts will be invited to give comments.
  • SIAL Airline Catering Championship is a professional competition designed for outstanding chefs in the international Air Travel industry. The event invites professional chefs from domestic and foreign aviation, railway, hotel, tourism and catering industries to compete at SIAL Shanghai 2022. Fresh and quality ingredients will be selected and Air Travel Meal will be reinvented and you can call it a New Air Travel Meal creation camp. At the same time, a team of experts in China's Air Travel Meal, China Cuisine associations and societies professional committees, well-known airlines, and international five-star hotel groups are invited to the scene to create a amazing and compelling professional competition of Air Travel Meal to the audience of SIAL Shanghai 2022 and fuel the healthy and steady development of the Air Travel Meal industry, and build a platform for all stakeholders in the air travel industry to share resources.
  • The two activities were jointly organized by Cafeculture and SIAL China. LAS Coffee latte competition and D-pressure brewing competition
  • Seafood Fest’ explores the taste of fresh seafood during several live cooking demonstrations that elevate the Seafood Industry at SIAL Shanghai. In this way to bring ideas to the market of how to serve the seafood while preserve the original fresh. This event is in partnership with the China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA).
  • This event is specially designed for snack brands, online distributors and online channel vendors. The event is organized in cooperation with well-known online platforms and consists of online and offline activities, will publish top 30 welcomed snack and top 50 most tasty snack.
  • A new tea blend training program had been recognized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the contest will invite the qualified candidates, the new drinking team lovers to join the competition, experts will give score and comments onsite.