China Catering Forum

China Catering Forum 2021

China Catering Forum 2021

The forum will focusing on the management of the restaurant under the new normal epidemic situation, and invite representatives and experts from well-known catering groups to share insights , trends forecast, share new business models, and the creation of new catering consumption scenarios.

2021 Forum Schedule

Date Time Theme Speaker
2021年5月18日下午 14:05-14:10 The inheritance and innovation of local flavor dishes from the prospect of latte fish head soup Qin Zhuonan, Chinese cooking master, inheritor of Shanghai intangible cultural heritage, general manager of Zhenqin Catering
14:10-14:40 Why are Internet popular sweet green rice ball so popular among young people Zhang Jiquan, Chinese cooking master, Huangpu craftsman, director of Xinghualou dim sum, inventor of salted egg yolk and meat floss sweet green rice ball
14:40-15:10 How to create a favorite restaurant for the youth born after 2000 and 2005 in Fish not Fish Liu Feng, Chairman of Fish not Fish
15:10-15:40 The Fusion of Five Flavors and Future Trends of Shanghai Cuisine Huang Bin, Vice President of Shanghai Catering Industry Association, Chairman of Little Shanghai Restaurant

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