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In recent years, China catering industry is developing in amazing paces, with its scale ranking second in the world, and its huge development potential has been widely expected among stakeholders. However, the Covid-19 has been sweeping the world with a huge impact on the catering industry. Relevant data show that in 2021, more than 1 million catering-related restaurants and shops were closed, including nearly 400,000 fast-food restaurants, nearly 350,000 milk tea stores, and nearly 100,000 hot pot restaurants. In this context, catering restaurants are not only facing the risk of bankruptcy, but also bearing high costs such as rent, food ingredients, and labor costs. On the other hand, the emergence of the Covid-19 has also stimulated the business model transformation. Many catering restaurants choose to go online by expanding the sales channels through Take-out platforms, WeChat applet, group purchases, and build own platforms to attract consumers to their offline restaurant. Some catering restaurants are no longer stuck in a single product and choose to conduct a multi-category strategy, focusing on the development of new products to meet consumers' dining needs at different times and consumption scenarios.

2022 Schedule

December 8th,2022      Shanghai New International Expo Center
time Topic Speaker
09:00-10:00 Attendance  
10:00-10:05 Opening by the Host  
10:05-10:10 Opening Remark by the Organizer  
10:10-10:30 How can Time-honored Restaurants Reinvention in a Highly Competitive Market? Keynote Speech
10:30-10:50 How can Chain Restaurants Avoid Problems Keep on? Keynote Speech
10:50-11:10 How to Create a Unique Marketing Approach for Catering Brands Keynote Speech
11:10-11:30 Can Take-out Service Help Catering Restaurants Survive the "Cold Winter"? Keynote Speech
11:30-11:50 How China Restaurants Get the "Password" to Michelin Keynote Speech
11:50-12:30 How to Build a Catering Supply Chain System? How will the Supply Chain Affect the Brand? Panel Discussion


Early Bird(*Before 2022/10/31) Standard(*Before 2022/12/6) Onsite
$49 $79 $79


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