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F&B Investment Forum

Food & Beverage Investment Forum

Food is an essential consumer product in people's daily life, and it has always been one of the most popular industries in the capital market. With the upgrading of consumer consumption concept, many new market growth opportunities have emerged in the food industry. How to explore and find companies with development and investment potential has always been a hot topic among all investors. In the period of the exponential growth of the emerging consumer brands, start-ups in the food industry have begun to accelerate the process of building brands. How can enterprises be favored by investors and achieve sustainable development? How should investors find out the investment target so as to achieve "win-win" between the start-ups and capitals?

2022 Schedule

December 8th,2022      Shanghai New International Expo Center
Time Topic Speaker
12:30-13:30 Attendance  
13:30-13:35 Opening by the Host  
13:35-13:40 Opening Remark by the Organizer  
13:40-14:00 Lanzhou Noodles Gains New Market Through Brand Innovation and Upgrade Keynote Speech
14:00-14:20 Analysis on the Potential of Children's Food Market Keynote Speech
14:20-14:40 The Investment Potential of Alternative Protein Products in China Keynote Speech
14:40-15:00 How Probiotics can Protect the Gut Health of Young People Keynote Speech
15:00-15:20 The Investment Potential of Chinese Bakery Brands Keynote Speech
15:20-16:00 Alternative Protein Market is in the Ascendant, How VC/PE Achieve Outstanding Results Panel Discussion


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  • Food & Beverage Investment Forum
  • Food & Beverage Investment Forum



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