Nutri & Health Food Forum

Nutri & Health Food Forum

Nutri & Health Food Forum

In recent years, China has successively issued policies documents such as , , to popularize the knowledge of nutrition and healthy diet, improve national nutrition and health level, and facilitate the construction of Healthy China. On the other hand, with the improvement of income and living standards, consumers' consumption concepts have developed in the direction of health, nutrition, and high quality, and the outbreak of the COVID-19 has further enhanced consumers' attention on nutrition and health. People's attention on nutrition and health has expanded from improving immunity to intestinal health, personal emotions, sleep quality, maintaining beauty and keeping young, etc., which has also promoted the development of related nutritional and healthy food and food additives markets. What is the direction of research and promotion of nutrition and health products? What standards, laws and regulations need to be closely watched in progress?

Nutri & Health Food Forum - 2022.12.7 Afternoon Session Agenda
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China Nutrition and Health Food Regulatory Status and Development Trend

Hongtao FEI

General Manager of Antion Consulting


Nutrition and Health Food Industry Trends


President of Zhejiang Health Products & Cosmetics Industry Association


Synthetic Biological Raw Materials Application in Sports Nutrition Food

Shuai HUO

Chairman Assistant of Zhejiang Huarui Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Amino Acid Nutrition & Health Industry Development Trends


Vice Chairman of the Amino Acid Branch of China Biotech Fermentation Industry Association


PQQ: A New Ingredient for Mitochondrion Optimization


Director of New Product R&D of Haotian Pharm


Probiotic Empower the Innovation and Upgrading of Big Health Industry

Shuguang FANG

Chairman of Wecare Probiotics Co., Ltd.


Regulatory Promotes the Development of Japanese Health Food Industry

Hesong WANG

Secretary General of the Committee of Health Care Consultation, China Health Care Association


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