Food Supply Chain Forum
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Food Supply Chain Forum

Food Supply Chain Forum

The supply chain is the lifeline of economic globalization and global trade. The global economy is recovering this year, along with the emerging problem of global supply chain shortages due to the pandemic. More and more enterprises begin to build their own supply chain systems to tackle the crisis in the overall situation. Meanwhile, the research and production of alternative food can be another way to solve the shortages of the supply chain.

2022 Schedule

December 8th,2022      Shanghai New International Expo Center
Time Topic Speaker
08:30-09:30 Attendance  
09:30-09:35 Opening by the Host  
09:35-09:40 Opening Remark by the Organizer  
09:40-10:00 Supply Chains for Perishable Foods Keynote Speech
10:00-10:20 Supply Chain Restructuring in the Context of Global Pandemic Keynote Speech
10:20-10:40 From the Perspective of Supply Chain Circulation, Make Up for the Shortcomings of Agricultural Product Circulation Keynote Speech
10:40-11:00 Interpretation of "The Fourteenth Five-Year Cold Chain Logistics Development Plan" Keynote Speech
11:00-11:20 Rapid Expansion after Supply Chain Optimization and Upgrade Keynote Speech
11:20-11:40 Exploration on B2B Supply Chain Model of Catering in China Keynote Speech
11:40-12:20 The Global Supply Chain is Broken, How Can Food Companies Survive the Crisis? Panel Discussion


Early Bird(*Before 2022/10/31) Standard(*Before 2022/12/6) Onsite
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Event Review

  • 食品供应链大会
  • 食品供应链大会
  • 食品供应链大会
  • 食品供应链大会
  • 食品供应链大会



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