Food Supply Chain Forum

Food Supply Chain Forum 2021

Food Supply Chain Forum 2021

With the shifting of final consumption to online and upgrading, food supply chain enterprises are facing the optimization and upgrading of management pattern. Representatives of imported food supply chain enterprises, fresh food supply chain enterprises and catering supply chain enterprises will be invited to participate in the forum and deliver keynote speeches to jointly explore new models of food supply chain. Food enterprise which has the supply chain service demand will also be invited to participate in the hearing.


Time Theme Speaker
9:35-9:40 Three mega trends in the future development of the food supply chain Fang Fang, Managing Director of iResearch Group-iResearch Capital/Head of iResearch Investment Research Institute
10:00-10:20 Interpretation of "National Food Safety Standard Food Cold Chain Logistics Hygiene Code" Liu Fei, Executive Deputy Secretary-General of CCLC
10:20-10:40 JD Fresh helps the integrated construction of agricultural and sideline product supply chain Yang Wu, Director of JD Retail Supermarket Omni-channel Business Group-Fresh Food Business Department-Meat and Poultry Seafood Department
10:40-11:00 Great changes in China's in-transit catering market Xue Qiang, CEO of CAISSA E-FOOD HOLDING CO.,LTD
11:00-11:20 Scientific breakthroughs in the food supply chain in the next ten years Zhang Yixiang, Head of Agricultural Food Strategy, Plug and Play
11:20-11:40 Chinese specialty food "brands going overseas" Wang Yongsheng, Chongqing Yumaotong Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.
11:40-12:05 Supply chain innovation and rapidly upgrading food industry

Moderator: Jia Xinhe, Founder and CEO of China Food Merchants Network

Liu Junjie, General Manager of Shenzhen Qianhai Chaoyuan Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

Wang Xiaoyun, Chief Representative of Atlantic Canada Chamber of Commerce in China

12:05-12:35 Urban food industry cluster planning and design

YYorick de Bruin, founder of Wageningen MFC

Dr. Peter Smeets (Ph.D.) Wageningen MFC partner

Zhu Xi, Head of MFC Asia Project


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  • 食品供应链大会
  • 食品供应链大会
  • 食品供应链大会
  • 食品供应链大会
  • 食品供应链大会



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