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SIAL is an abbreviation for “Salon International De L'Alimentation”, which is the French for “International Food Exhibition”. SIAL is transliterated into Chinese as "西雅" (Xīyǎ). Established in 1964 in Paris, France, SIAL is a proprietary brand of the Comexposium Group.

The SIAL global series of food exhibitions take place in various locations worldwide, including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Paris, Montreal, Toronto, New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, among others. It serves as a crucial platform for numerous food enterprises worldwide to convey their voices and showcase their inherent value. In order to promote the development and prosperity of the Chinese food industry, Comexposium Group introduced SIAL to China in 2000. Building upon the international, trade-oriented, and professional of the SIAL brand, innovative differentiation advantages have been developed by integrating with the local conditions of the Chinese market. Over nearly 60 years of international brand accumulation and 24 years of deep cultivation in the Chinese market, SIAL in China has served over 40,000 exhibitors and 1,000,000 food and beverage professionals from more than 100 countries and regions globally. It has successfully established the development pattern of simultaneous exhibitions in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

SIAL Shanghai has become one of the “SIAL world's three major food exhibitions”. SIAL Shenzhen, positioned as the “SIAL global expo for engaging with the world”, aims to attract global attention and focus on the development of the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau. Each year, SIAL comprehensively showcases new food and beverage products from various countries and regions. With a wealth of high-quality invited buyer resources, the exhibition period facilitates face-to-face interactions between professional buyers, boosting on-site orders and uncovering business opportunities. Moreover, the 360° integrated marketing approach during non-exhibition periods, combining online and offline channels, provides convenient trade services, continually bringing about transaction opportunities for attendees.

This exhibition is a professional food and beverage trade show, open exclusively to industry professionals. Individuals under 18 and non-professionals over 70 are restricted to enter the venue.

SIAL Shanghai

The Shanghai New International Expo Center will host SIAL Shanghai from May 19-21, 2025. The exhibition area will span a vast expanse of 200,000 square meters, and it is anticipated that 5,000 exhibitors from over 70 countires and regions, and more than 180,000 professionals from 110+countries will together join the show.

Babyfood Village, Organic & Wellness Village, Dairy Sector, Non-alcoholic Beverage Sector, Food Sector, Meat Poultry & Curted Meat Sector, Seafood Sector, Alcoholic Beverage Sector, Pulses and grains, as well as national and regional pavilions.

The concurrent SIAL Global Food Industry Summit will feature ten sub-forums, including the following:Marketing Workshop,Supply Chain Workshop,New Health Food Forum,Food Supply Chain Forum,Food Supply Chain Forum,Global New RetailForum,Import Food Forum,International Meat Forum,SlAL Talks-Distributors,SlAL Talks -Manufacturers.

SIAL is packed with an exciting array of diverse events and activities that cater to different interests and tastes, such as SIAL Innovation, La Cuisine, the Snacking Awards, SIAL Best STEAK Awards, the Chic & Tea Contest, the SIAL CUP Barista Challenge, Chinese Restaurant, and Seafood Fest.

SIAL Shenzhen

The SIAL Shenzhen will be held at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center from September 2-4, 2024. The exhibition space will encompass 60,000 square meters, and it is anticipated that 15,00 exhibitors from over 43 countires and regions, and more than 67,000+ professionals from 70+countries will together join the show.

The exhibition will feature four Highlight Villages: Chinese Food & Beverage Village, International Food & Beverage Village, International Meat Village and Pulses and grains.

The concurrent SIAL Global Food Industry Summit will include five theme forums: Global New Retail Forum, New Health Food Forum, Import & Export Food Forum, Outbound Workshop and CEO Seminar.

Diverse events and activities, such as SIAL Innovation, Snacking Awards, Chic & Tea Contest, and SIAL CUP Barista Challenge, will be held.

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