International Meat Forum

International Meat Forum

International Meat Forum

The outbreak of COVID-19 and turbulent global environment cause high inflation with a slowing recovering economy. Unpredictable animal epidemics result in the supply and demand of global meat imbalance. Each country is taking action to restore production while facing high costs. According to the FAO reports, global meat consumption will continue to rise at an annual rate of 1.4%, the main driving factor is with the growth of the population in developing countries, the demand for meat products will increase, and the trade scale will continue to expand. Asia, the world's most populous continent, is expected to account for 51% of the global meat trade by 2031 and become the center of global meat consumption. Affected by animal epidemics such as ASF, HPAI, FMD, etc., animal protein is becoming more and more expensive, food security around the world is the focus for today.

International Meat Forum - 2022.12.7 Afternoon Session Agenda
13:00 Registration

Insight into New Consumption and Seize New Opportunities


Chief Growth Officer of FMCG, Nielsen IQ


Advantages of Uruguayan Beef and Mutton

Marcelo MAGNOU

Consul General of Uruguay in Shanghai

Conrado FERBER

President of Uruguay National Meat Institute (INAC)


Influencing Factors and Development Trends in Global Meat Supply

Ricardo SANTIN

President of the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA)


How Pork Can Restore the Competitiveness Under the New Consumption Structure

Guan GAO

Vice President of China Meat Association and Director of Industrial Policy Research Office


Poultry Meat Consumption Features and Innovation Trends Under the New Consumption Trends




How to Maintain Resilience in Meat Imports Under Supply Chain Disruption

Binbin YANG

Overseas Department General Manager of Optima Integration Group (OIG), Director of OIG Research Institute


New Pattern, New Challenges: The Sustainable Development of the Global Meat Industry

Moderator: Linda CHEN

Asia & China Representative, Brazilian Association of Animal Proteins (ABPA)


Guan GAO

Vice President of China Meat Association and Director of Industrial Policy Research Office

Oscar Ernesto Solis

Agricultural Consultant for Argentina

Frans van Dongen

Director of International Affairs of COV


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