International Meat Forum

  • The forum focuses on the most cutting-edge food science and technologies, invite global R&D departments and institutions, leading enterprises, professional investment institutions, food technology companies, etc. to share the application in food and the latest achievements of food technology such as biosynthesis technology, gene editing technology, precision nutrition, microbial cultivation, 3D printing technology, etc.
  • The forum will invite enterprises from the major meat trade and production countries, importers and exporters, manufacturers, etc. discuss the global meat trade environment and consumption trends, interpret trade policies and regulations, discuss how to achieve product innovation, etc.
  • The forum will focus on the development trend of global new retail, invite economists, industry leaders, well-known entrepreneurs, representatives of international organizations and government departments, professional merchants, investment and financing institutions, etc.
  • The forum will be based on the global perspective, invite overseas and domestic experts, representatives of leading enterprises, industry leaders, etc.
  • In recent years, global climate change, food security crisis, energy shortage, environmental pollution, etc. have affected the global food industry chain, traditional agriculture and food production models are unable to meet the needs of the growing population in the world, and technological innovation has gradually become the key factor to reshape the global agricultural and food production landscape.
  • In recent years, China catering industry is developing in amazing paces。The emergence of the Covid-19 has also stimulated the business model transformation. Many catering restaurants choose to go online by expanding the sales channels through Take-out platforms, WeChat applet, group purchases, and build own platforms to attract consumers to their offline restaurants. Some catering restaurants are no longer stuck on a single product and choose to conduct a multi-category strategy, focusing on the development of new products to meet consumers' dining needs at different times and consumption scenarios.
  • The forum will gather well-known coffee brands, tea drink brands, functional drink brands, leading beverage companies, etc., insight into the development trend and market potential of the beverage industry, discuss how to innovate products and optimize supply chain systems, etc.

Asia's Largest Food and Beverage Trade Fair

5,000+ Exhibitors From   70+ Countries & Regions
350,000 Exhibits   10 Forums   9 Events & Competitions

Onsite Tickets Will Be Priced At USD30