Global Dairy Forum

Global Dairy Forum

Global Dairy Forum

In recent years, driven by customer demands for nutrition and health, demand for dairy products is gradually increasing. Dairy has received unprecedented attention as a livelihood industry. It is also mentioned in the released in April 2022 that it is recommended residents ensure the daily intake of milk or dairy products reaches more than 300g. Driven by strong domestic demand and support and requirements from the government, dairy enterprises are developing towards the direction of health, nutrition, and high quality, and promoting digital transformation at the same time.

Global Dairy Forum - 2022.12.7 Morning Session Agenda
09:30 SIAL Global Food Industry Summit Opening Ceremony

Analysis of China's Dairy Industry Consumption Demand Trend in 2023

Liang SONG

Senior Analyst in the Dairy Industry, Leader of the Expert Group of China Agricultural Reclamation Dairy Alliance


Exploring Milk Protein Processing Characteristics and Potential Application Characteristics

Yuan LI

Professor of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University


The Future of Milk: Plant-based Milk & Cell Cultured Milk

Shirley LU

Managing Director Asia & Chief China Representative - ProVeg International


The Sustainable Development of Animal-Free Dairy


Head of Business Development at Remilk


Strengthen Product Innovation and Lead the New Trend of Low Sodium Cheese

Qiang SHI

Brand Marketing Consultant of Nai Niu Xing Qiu


Nourishing the World with Green and Sustainable Irish Dairy

Suki WU

BordBia, Irish Food Board


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